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NWO take-off grant for further development of ValueMonitor

Dec 14, 2022 | General News, Project Updates

Ibo van de Poel and Tristan de Wildt have received a NWO take-off grant, allowing them to further develop ValueMonitor. ValueMonitor is a text-mining tool that can systematically identify gaps among values in technologies voiced in society, policy, and research and point to areas that require more attention. ValueMonitor was first developed as part of the ‘Design for Changing Values’ ERC project. Now, Ibo van de Poel and Tristan de Wildt will evaluate the commercial feasibility of ValueMonitor by conducting two pilot studies with the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) and the Rathenau Institute. The feasibility study will investigate how ValueMonitor can be a service to advisory councils and technology observatories and how it needs to be technologically adjusted to meet client expectations.

For those interested in ValueMonitor, a workshop will be held on March 10th to get acquainted with this tool. For more information, one can visit the workshop’s event page.