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‘Modelling Values in Agents, Technologies & Institutions’ – a Session at Social Simulation FesT 2021

Feb 22, 2021 | General News

Members of ValueChange team, together with a colleague form the University of Manchester are organizing a session on Modeling Values in Agents, Technology, and Institutions at the Social Simulation FesT 2021, on March 18, 2021. 

Session Description and Call for Participation

Addressing new challenges in socio-technical systems requires a critical inquiry into behaviour-related concepts like values, beliefs, and norms. On Thursday 18th March, 1:30-4:30 PM (CET Time), we will have a session on “Modelling Values in Agents, Technologies and Institutions” which goal is to bring together international researchers that are experimenting with qualitative concepts (e.g., values, norms, beliefs) in their agent-based models. This session facilitates new cross-disciplinary ABM research pathways by learning from each other’s experiences and challenges of implementing quantitative concepts like values in the modelling practice. As a concept in ABM practice, value only recently started to get deserved attention despite playing a core role in a decision making process that informs agents’ actions. Complex socio-technical challenges of the energy transition, climate change, and, in particular, the disruptive COVID-19 pandemic triggered a series of ABM research that adopts the concept of value from different domains like ethics, psychology, and anthropology. Insights into values are particularly essential when researching new technologies and policies impacts and the agent’s responses to the implementation of these. The 3-hour session will explore such concepts to understand better agents’ behaviours regarding technologies and institutions and a potential impact on the model’s robustness, illustrative, explanatory, and predictive power.

Chairs: Amineh Ghorbani, Anna Melnyk, and Bruce Edmonds

We aim to have fruitful discussions in four sessions, focusing on:

1. cognitive architectures of agents and the role of values and beliefs
2. values and norms in socio-technical systems
3. values in institutions and policy analysis
4. operationalization of the qualitative concepts in ABM practice

All interested researchers are welcome to join our session. We also have a room for a max of 5 presentations (10 min) related to one of the listed topics. If you wish to present your work, please submit an abstract for a short presentation with the title “modelling values” at [email protected] before March 1, 2021

Note: Please, remember to register for the event through the main web-page. 

About Social Simulation FesT 2021

A Social Simulation FesT (SocSimFesT2021), an event combining a number of different “tracks,” inspirational talks and online social activities, is organized by the European Social Simulation Association after the success of the Social Simulation Week 2020. This event aims to make the best use of the alternative opportunities offered by an online meeting format to organize a different kind of event than a face-to-face conference.