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The “Design for changing values” team together with TU Delft colleagues are organizing a panel at the OZSW Conference

Nov 8, 2019 | General News

On 9 January 2020, the “Design for changing values” team has organized an internal workshop for Prof. Batya Friedman and Prof. David G. Hendry, who visited TU Delft celebration of 178th birthday on the Dies Natalis.


Detailed Information


Prof. Batya Friedman (University of Washington), a pioneer of Value Sensitive Design, together with her colleague prof. David G. Hendry (University of Washington), had visited TU Delft to receive a Honorary Doctorate for significant contribution to education and design during celebration of TU Delft 178th birthday on the Dies Natalis. On Thursday 9 January, members of the “Design for changing values” research team organized an internal thematic workshop to welcome Batya and David and share some of the preliminary findings about changing values and design implications.