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‘Design for Changing Values’ – a pitch presentation at DDfV playground meeting

Mar 14, 2019 | Project Updates

Prof. dr. Ibo van de Poel is giving a pitch presentation about ”Design for Changing Values” at the upcoming playground meeting dedicated to the theme “Design for Value Dynamics” on Thursday, March 21. This informal lunch meeting is organized by Delft Design for Values Institute (DDfV) at TU Delft. 

Playground meeting info

The theme of the upcoming playground meeting is “Design for Value Dynamics.” Some of the questions that will be addressed during the meeting are following: How to deal with value dynamics when designing for values? How can we successfully operationalize values to inform design decisions, whilst anticipating possible value changes? How can we make our designs able to adapt to value changes in society? How does the theory apply to specific application areas, such as architecture and urbanism?

More information about this informal event can be found here.

About Delft Design for Values Institute 

The Delft Design for Values Institute (DDfV) is a portal that aims to promote research, education, outreach, and co-creation at the Delft University of Technology under overarching theme “Design for Values.”